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How much weight can the Straprack support?

We will officially rate the Straprack at 250lbs when it is released.

How much will it cost?

The final number has yet to be determined. We still have to finalize a lot of logistics to get the final landed cost we can use to price the Straprack appropriately.

When will it be sold?

We are currently building an email list to launch the product on Kickstarter. So please share with your friends and tell them to sign up! The more potential backers we get signed up, the quicker we can go to Kickstarter and the sooner you can buy it!

Will this damage my doorframe?

Not likely. We’ve intentionally designed the Straprack to distribute your weight along the length of your doorframe to eliminate the high concentration of stress that causes damage. The padded rectangles create a distributed load on your doorframe when you use it compared to traditional door mounted units.